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Could not put it down! Wanted to save it to take in holiday so thought I’d read the first chapter! Finished it! Wonderfully written and a unique style. The story is captivating and Louis’ style very much in a league of its own! Highly recommend - easy to read, relaxing whilst captivating, rare combination
KL Garbutt
On "Finding The Oak Tree"
Finished the book in two sittings. An easy read that will keep you turning the pages. Highly recommend for young teenagers/adults.
Maria Deacon
On "Finding The Oak Tree"
This is a poignant story for all occasions, filled with love, fun and happiness!
Reader Review
On "Lug-tooth: The Last Monster"
I enjoyed reading this last night before bed to my three children. I have a 12 year old who has started reading Ink to my 4 year old and my 16 month old.
Sadie White
On "Ink 2022"
My kids love Inks character and read along with me. It’s such a lovely storey of inks journey.
Philippa Salguero
On "Ink 2022"
Lovely bedtime reading for little ones, excited for the tale of twins. I would definitely recommend.
Jo Hyde
On "A Tale Of Two Sisters"